Jessie Rose is a fun and fresh portrait photographer who loves to artistically communicate the personal stories we all possess. 

Jessie’s creative passion for photography has always burst from her personality; she's constantly thinking of exciting ways to capture life's moments for attractive keepsakes. 

So if you have a story to be told, a message to be heard or simply want to memorialize a certain time in your life; remember Jessie Rose Photography-She’ll capture the story your life entails


Creativity and genuine flair have been some of Jessie's strongest suites when it comes to photography. Consequently these attributes have been noted throughout the years.

2006- Artist of the Month Award
2006- Portrait published as cover in J205 photography magazine
2007- Exhibited multiple photographs at Exposure Gallery
2009- Studied & Photographed in England, France, Belgium & the Nietherlands
2012- Honorable mention in photo contest
2014- Sacramento News and Review article written about Little Blessings and Jessie Rose
2018- Sac Mag featured Andis Winery Dinner Party Event images by Jessie Rose Photos


At Little Blessings, we provide complimentary portrait sessions for children in the Sacramento area with life limiting illnesses that normally would be unable to have a professional portrait made. The portrait sessions are not about capturing illness, but rather capturing a life filled with spirit, hope and courage.

Our volunteers are professional photographers who donate their time and expertise to create a keepsake portrait.  To do this, they photograph the child either in the hospital, their home, a park or the photographer’s studio and present the family with a disc of images to keep.  

This heart-touching project has been ongoing since 2004.
Here's the story of how Little Blessings was started:

At no time is the family, hospital or hospice ever charged for the photographer’s time or the digital photographs.
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